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 Wausau Area Restaurant,Motel,Tavern, Retail Shop Owners and Office Managers: We have very low cost cleaning and restoration options for you! Rotovac cleans beyond your dreams!


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 Whether you are a manager or owner of a motel-hotel, water park, restaurant or tavern, or retail shop you find yourself with cleaning and restoration problems that go well beyond the norm.  WE provide SAFE, EFFECTIVE, LOW-COST cleaning and restoration solutions for three key problems:

1. CARPET CLEANING AND RESTORATION in those areas where wanding and regular carpet  cleaning techniques do not produce the results you are looking for: DINING ROOMS, LOUNGE AND BAR FLOORS, ENTRANCES, SHOWROOMS AND SERIOUSLY STAINED CARPETS.  If your carpet has fiber, we can clean it better!

Replacing carpet is an expensive proposition.  Leaving carpets with dirty stains, matted with kitchen oils and food grime or loaded is of course, unacceptable. With the ROTOVAC system we are able to clean carpet fibers from 360 degrees, using a brush head that provides just the right amount of water to remove the scummy, grimy dirt and stains that build up over time in commericial areas and  restaurant and tavern floors.  We can also provide you with a stain resistant fiber coating to reduce grimy, dirt build-up in the future.  Drying time is normally 2 to 6 hours depending on humidity and room air flow.  Cleaning and restoring these carpets once or twice per year will provide you with the peace of mind that your customers are being cared for the same way you would want to be cared for in a clean, safe, pleasant environment of genuine hospitality. 

Carpet cleaning for commerical areas for as little as 10 cents per square foot, depending on size, condition of carpets and time required to clean and restore!


2. HARDWATER STAINS, LIMESCALE AND GRIME REMOVAL  around pools & spas, water parks, in shower rooms and other floor and wall surfaces where lime and other minerals are deposited over time.

ROTOVAC technology using TILE & GROUT CLEANING PRODUCTS safely and effectively removes limescale build-up and cleans your tile floors without damaging grout, nor contaminating or altering pool or spa water.  Using the ROTOVAC system we are able to both safely clean these areas and remove the waste water at the same time, preventing waste water from entering your pool. 

Hardwater stain, limescale and grime imbedded tile floor Before and After Rotovac Cleaning
Hardwater stain, limescale and grime imbedded into tile floor Before and After Rotovac Cleaning



Thoroughly eliminating the build-up of fats, oils and grime from your tiled kitchen area is an ongoing challenge.  While many commercial cleaning products can be used to clean these tile and grout floors, most cleaning systems leave some fat residue behind.  These fats are usually carried on your waitstaff’s shoes to your dining area carpet.  With ROTOVAC we are able to both safely pressure spray and brush your tile floor simultaneously AND vacuum the dirty waste water all in one step!  You get the cleanest floor possible in the shortest time for the lowest cost!  Our carpet cleaning system can then be used to deep clean the fats, grime and grease from your carpets.

 Check out the article from “Buildings” magazine a leading journal for maintenance professionals:


Kitchen Entry Carpet Before ROTOVAC Cleaning




Kitchen Entrance ROTOVAC Cleaned Carpet


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