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Get those spills and traffic areas cleaned their brightest!

Carpet Cleaning Sale

$40 for your first room, up to 200 sq. ft.

$30 for each of your additional rooms, up to 200 sq.ft.


$75:  1 bedroom, hallway & living room,

$85:  2 bedrooms, hallway & living room

$95:  3 bedrooms, hallway & living room!


Why Should I Have my Carpets Cleaned Professionally? Can’t I just rent or purchase a carpet cleaning machine and get the same results?

  • Carpet cleaning by yourself can be a risky business without giving you the results you really want.
  • One of the things most frequently encountered by cleaning professionals after people have tried cleaning carpets themselves is the soap residue left in the carpet by rented or home purchased machines.
  • This residue collects and builds up dirt and grime much sooner than when cleaned and thoroughly rinsed and vacuumed with professional equipment.
  • When the professional comes to clean the carpet, the soap residue in the carpets starts foaming up all over again and can be difficult and time consuming to remove.
  • Carpet cleaning products used by professionals are typically more effective at removing dirt, grime, and spots than store purchased products.
  • As with clothing stains, carpet stains and spots can be permanently set if not treated properly.

Why is the ROTOVAC system more effective than the wand system used by other professional carpet cleaners?

  • Effective hot water extraction (steam) carpet cleaning requires agitation from the carpet wand(s), hot water and a liquid pre-spray cleaner which is vacuumed up along with the dirt and grime.
  • While the professional pushes the single wand back and forth to agitate the carpet, agitating and cleaning front and back of fibers, using the ROTOVAC we clean with three rotating wands at nearly 200 revolutions per minute. This enables  us to agitate a great deal more and clean fibers from every direction!  That’s why your carpets come out cleaner than the traditional wand system.
  • Carpets that are extremely soiled and spotted may require restoration.  Use of a three-wand head with brushes provides both the 200 rpm’s of wanding and brushing to physically break up and remove heavy soil, grease and grime.  This is used extremely effectively on restaurant carpets to break up and wash away food stains, cooking oils and deeply embedded grime build-up.
  • As a single owner-operator, I spend the time and effort necessary to get your carpets as clean as possible. You won’t see me just “going through the motions” so I can get down the road to the next customer.  (I am not on a schedule to get to as many customers as possible in a day like my competitors.)
  • I take personal pride in doing the best job possible so my customers are so pleased they recommend my service to others.
  • Currently, more than half  of my business comes from referrals and repeat customers!
  • Click on this website to see the ROTOVAC ACTION videos.

How can you have prices among the lowest around if you take your time to do the best job possible?

  • I am an individual owner-operator.  I learned to clean carpets back in 1999 in Milwaukee with one of the best and largest independently owned carpet cleaning companies.  While I learned on the wand system traditionally used, since finding the ROTOVAC system, I would never go back to using the inferior carpet wand.
  • I don’t have to pay an additional person to help me on most jobs.
  • As a single owner-operator, my overhead is kept low.  I have the latest, most effective ROTOVAC technology, designed for one person to operate.
  • I wear the hat of technician, book keeper and marketer-sales rep.
  • I do not spend money on expensive advertising.  Rather, I use mailers, Internet and referrals.
  • I provide free, one-hour demonstrations for commercial customers.
  • As a semi-retired professional, my time is flexible, allowing me to provide services in a timely manner for my customers.

Business owners/operators:  For complete  restoration or routine maintenance, let me  demonstrate the amazing results of our revolutionary system free of charge.  I am able to provide the highest quality carpet cleaning for businesses in Wausau, Merrill, Antigo, Medford, Stevens Point, Tomahawk, Rhinelander and surrounding areas of northcentral AND northern Wisconsin.


“I wish I had called years ago, it literally looks like new.  I was a little apprehensive at first, as I had never seen a carpet cleaning machine like the one that George used but the results far exceeded what I had come to expect from conventional carpet cleaning machines.  I have carpeted steps that lead up to my kitchen and due to the amount of staining, was planning on tearing it out until George offered to clean them.  Well, I no longer have to go through the time and expense of replacing the carpet as even the steps came out beautifully clean.  I found my experience with George not only a good value but a good investment.”–Matt Powers, Weston

“I’m amazed at how clean our carpets are!  They were matted and now look brand new.  Thank you for the great and thorough job you did.  I highly recommend you!”–Lisa Baumann, Wausau

Carpet Cleaning Sale

$40 for your first room, up to 200 sq. ft

$30 for each of your additional rooms, up to 200 sq.ft. ($70 minimum)


$75 for 1 bedroom, hallway and living room

$85 for 2 bedrooms, hallway and living room

$95 for 3 bedrooms, hallway and living room!

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